This is a nice road to freedom with consideration for all aspects of your life. It is worth your time to look into it.
Ken Hamel

I participated in Skyra’s 10 Day Detoxification & Manifestation experience...before we began the experience, participants were provided with information about what products were recommended (with links to to do!), and about what to expect and prepare for.

So before I even started I had already planned out what supplements I would be taking and what foods I would be eating.

I learned SO much about how to use foods, and time of eating to create optimal performance and overall better health.

We were provided with daily support where we could discuss how we were feeling...what was coming up for us.

Skyra is very clearly passionate about the information and knowledge she shares, and most importantly, she’s been through the process of detox.

From what I see, Skrya has numerous gifts/knowledge/wisdom to share.


Renee Marie

About Us

Skyra Lemure

Cellular Detox Strategist, HHP, CLC

Aloha! 🌺

 I am so grateful you made your way here.  

My passion is to encourage & support others in their healing journey & to create & offer the best, organic, Non-GMO, ethically sourced natural products to ensure quality & effectiveness.  

In 2012, I made a decision to drastically change my life ~  to heal my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual self ~ which has become my passion & purpose today ~ to guide & support others.

For a large majority of adult life, I was in & out of doctors offices for seasonal depression & anxiety.  I self medicated with work, alcohol, shopping & whatever else helped me to NOT FEEL.  For years, I was prescribed all types of different pharmaceuticals & nothing really ever helped.  I became a victim of the western medical system ~ covering up the symptoms rather than dealing with the underlying causes.  In 2015, my immune system was severely compromised from toxic black mold exposure, then went through a series of accidents leaving me with a cervical spinal injury, tumors, nervous system disorders & severe inflammation & pain.  There were days I could barely walk.  Through grace, I was shown & took the road of natural healing & have since made a full recovery.

You see, symptoms are just a manifestation of a deeper root cause & never healed taking more toxins & chemicals!   The underlying problem - which is most often toxins & unhealed emotional trauma or a traumatic experience  - must be addressed, worked through & transmuted.  Otherwise, painful emotions manifest in physical form - by breaking down our cellular structure, creating an acidic environment in our body.  True healing is a body, mind, spirit synchronization.

Mother Nature has the cure & my inner intuition told me this was the answer. I was blessed to be shown & experience the road to TRUE health & wellness. 

WE are here to live an abundant, blissful, joyful life!

Today, I share wisdom gained through my 7 year process to self healing. 

 I am a cellular detoxification & regeneration strategist, transformation & empowerment coach, spiritual guide ~ ACTIVATING healing on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. 

Through full immersion in the natural healing world I am a certified yoga instructor, Reiki master, herbalist, creator of retreats, online classes & experiences, design natural material art, jewelry & source natural, organic herbal products. 

I live a simple life, immersed in the wonders of nature on the Big Island, Hawaii 🌈🌺🙏

My life evolves around my passion and soul purpose - supporting others on their healing journey.  

We all have the power within & ability to heal ourselves. 

I am so grateful you are here. Please reach out if I can answer any questions.


Much love & Aloha xo ~ Skyra 🌈❤️✨